Partnerships have been the lifeblood of learner and school impacts over the past 14 years of Sifunda Kunye Eastern Cape operations. I personally had the privilege of living in the Eastern Cape for 2 years, and in launching Sifunda Kunye saw firsthand the power of our partnerships. Whether working directly with schools, the department of education, private charities, even Eskom Sifunda Kunye was able to deliver more programming, more learning opportunities and ultimately improved outcomes and preparedness for learners.

I consider the years and time working with Sifunda Kunye to be some of the most impactful of my life, am thankful for all the long-standing team members; contributions and hope to see the organization continue positively impacting lives for decades to come

Ben PauluhnSifunda Kunye Board member

I thank Sifunda Kunye for the positive influence it had on our schools. Especially mine at Xolani Senior Secondary School.

The first time I was introduced to Sifunda Kunye was when I was doing grade 8, 2016. It was on CMaths at that time Jolande Swartz was our school facilitator. She walked out us through the benefits of attending Cami Maths and Sifunda Kunye as a whole. I was intrigued by her presentation , that on that day at breaktime I visited her and ask for more questions . From that day on the Lab and I were inseparable. Each club had a great influence on the learners and the school. Sifunda Kunye had an impact on our school.

The The Presidents Award , is a youth empowerment and leadership club that helped become more confident in myself but what was great about the TPA was how it helped the community. It helped us realize by just helping someone without getting paid is just as rewarding as it is when paid. The TPA was my fantasy , I always wanted to help others and be with those who share the same goal as me. But it all seemed far-fetched as those kind of this happened in ‘privilege schools’ . But it all changed as I too had the privilege of helping others. As I have always wished and encouraging others to do the same . It was the power of UBUNTU. Helping one another. The TPA portfolio focused on the members strength while challenging their weakness , encouraging them to have new skills , sports & recreation. It also improved an individual.

The Book club was the first club that I embraced and assisted in starting and it was for those who fall in love with words that written on that blank sheet and therefore creating a plot. The lab had a mini library of books to choose from and allowed others outside the club to borrow books. The aim of the book club was to assist those who are unsure of themselves reading and to also increase the vocabulary. Book club has a little sister which is the Writing club unlike the book club which consisted of reading , reviewing and discussing , writing club was for those who wished their writings to be their voice . We had one of the best poem and short story collection as they were diverse and out of the box. Each member had their own color resulting to a beautiful rainbow.

The Literacy club was by far the most innovative club of Sifunda Kunye , it invited primary schools around the school to come on a Saturday morning to read and write. The main aim of this club was to improve the literacy in our communities. One of the most difficult challenges that both teachers and learners experience in English. This is a result of uncertainty that the learners have and the anxiety they have when facing their peers and teachers not being patient enough with them making them feel at ease. As an example of this situation when I was in primary when an oral test came up, I wanted to dig a hole and hide and hide. This club was made ease the pressure the learners have and help them gain confidence in their language skills. Sifunda Kunye Literacy help outgrow the anxiety around reading and writing and help stimulate confidence.

The chess club was our school’s youngest club it was a test club which ended up being a success. The number of learners who would come and play was amazing, the majority players were boys which made it more exciting. Due to the chess club these boys would stop drugs addictions and do something productive and time consuming. They have a great mentor Mr Kimbugwe who was our science and math teacher and Sifunda Kunye representative at our Xolani SSS. They would get excited in playing with other players from the Sifunda Kunye schools. The chess club was their light a chance in taking part in something that could bring change.

Sifunda Kunye didn’t help our school by only helping with clubs but also a computer lab that assisted many learners do their assignment ,research, Cami and apply. The Wi-Fi that was at the school also helped when the computer lab was full. Matric camps that Sifunda Kunye sponsor help the learners come to camp and learn more and succeed.

This is the impact Sifunda Kunye has at our school, the assistance it has provided our communities and school is life changing.

Khumo Kula – Xolani Senior Secondary SchoolPart of Sifunda Kunye schools 5 years and continues to support other at Sifunda Kunye schools on as a volunteer.

Sifunda Kunye is of great benefit to our school and our rural community. The introduction of computers by our school was a milestone to our learners. Toise SSS is one of the biggest schools with good results. Programs like The Presidents Awards, reading clubs, chess make our learners responsible for their learning. Support of grade 12 support camps is majestic, impactful, and encouraging.

Keep up the good work. Thank you.

PrincipalToise Senior Secondary school.

Thank you for your support, and your perseverance to foster the relationship during the trying times that the school is facing for the past three years. Sifunda Kunye has been wonderful, we’ve failed to meet the expectations because of instability. However, Sifunda Kunye continued to support us, I hope you will continue to give support to our deserving learners that made through Sifunda Kunye support get bursaries at university and obtain good pass rates

Mr AdonisPrincipal Richard Varha High School.

We are back in full throttle, by the Grace of God all learners are back and ready for the NSC 2022 examinations thank you to Sifunda Kunye for financial support for our spring camp.

Mr MyonaPrincipal Hendrik Kanise Combined school – Alicedale

Ever since Sifund Kunye started supporting Xolani SSS, the standard of our school started improving on an annual basis to such an extent that it became the best-performing school among the school in Zwelitsha, Eastern Cape. Learners and teachers have benefitted from the computer lab, improving mathematics skills, English Skills using Cami Software and internet services.

Mr Francis Kambugu KimbugweXolani Senior Secondary School.

I was involved with this project in 2015, Sifunda Kunye supported all the learners at our school, with a fully functional computer lab and initiative-basedprojects like book clubs, chess clubs, interactive club, club and The Presidents Awards.

I used to be shy, withdrawn and unsure of live but Sifunda Kunye Educational project changed my live and encouraged me to become the man I am today. I will always encourage my peers in my walk of life because they are deserving to know they are able to do anything, because I was encouraged and introduced guided to leadership from this organization I will always pay it forward.

I was actively involved in the interactive club and top pupil in the club. I completed bronze in The President Awards, I was involved the newspaper club and website clubs. The initiatives of Sifunda Kunye Educational project has greatly benefited my life. I became a leader and are a great role model for all my peers at my schools after Xolani Senior Secondary. I am friendly, respectful and always helpful to all.

The impact I’ve had from the Sifunda kunye was being able to learn and able to practice them through my peers and now I able to have the effect on other people out side of school as well. What I have learnt from Tertiary education and now work world, I am grateful to have the greatest mentors in my life to show me the right path and encouragements. Truly thankful for having Sifunda Kunye in my life.

Edward ZuluXolani Senior Secondary School.

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