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Frequently Asked Questions

What type of organization is Sifunda Kunye?

Sifunda Kunye Educational Project is classified as a Public Benefit Organization. This means that we can accept donations and that donations to Sifunda Kunye are tax deductible. Sifunda Kunye is managed by a board of directors who provide guidance to the project managers that carry out our active mission.

Sifunda Kunye team members and other stakeholders gather at the launch of an Eastern Cape Department of Economic Development internet and library initiative in Ntselamanzi outside of Alice.

Does Sifunda Kunye Educational Project fund any outside organizations?

Sifunda Kunye is not a grant-making organization; however, we do support select partners that help us achieve our mission and are working toward the same goals we are. We do not accept unsolicited requests for funding.

How is Sifunda Kunye funded?

Sifunda Kunye received the majority of our financial support from Calabar Foundation, the same U.S. based foundation that began our original operations at St. Matthew’s High School in 2008. We apply for outside grants/funding to fund our operational costs, programs and special projects and we always accept donations.

The Sifunda Kunye team poses with the administrative team at Hendrik Kanise Combined School in Alicedale, SK’s newest partner school.

How does Sifunda Kunye choose its partner schools?

Sifunda Kunye works with the Department of Basic Education and its district directors to identify schools with a large need, strong leadership from the administrative staff as well as the faculty, and a desire and willingness to embrace technology as a means to improving the quality of education they provide. Sifunda Kunye managers and board members visit each recommended school to perform an assessment. We spend time with the headmaster/headmistress, the language and maths department heads, and try to get a feel for the atmosphere and attitude of the learners. We also assess the physical spaces ensuring that there is enough room to accommodate a lab, that there is reliable electricity and a way to bring in internet access, and finally that we can adequately secure the lab and the equipment. If a school meets our criteria and is interested in partnering with us for technology and special project support, we sign a service agreement with them and begin installing the lab.

Who are the Sifunda Kunye support staff?

Our support staff are dedicated full-time employees of the Sifunda Kunye Educational Project. They are local to the areas in which they work. Some are former educators, and all have experience and training in information technology and computers. Our support staff are charged with caring for the computer labs, overseeing CAMI classes, editing the newsletters and websites, engaging principals, staff and learners, overseeing initiatives, and supporting every aspect of Sifunda Kunye’s involvement at their schools. Support staff are the most unique and essential part of our hands on approach. They ensure that our programs are reliable, professional, and effective. Meet our staff.

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