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Who We Support

Sifunda Kunye supports over 4000 learners in grades 1-12 across six partner schools. Through our Literacy Project we regularly impact hundreds more children in the various communities we serve with our reading clubs and outreach.

St. Matthew’s High School

Founded: 1856

Location: Keiskammahoek, Eastern Cape, South Africa

Grades: 8-12

Student Body: 656 total (515 female students (boarding and day), 141 male day students)

School Website:

Partnership: Since 2008

Richard Varha High School

Founded: 1991

Location: Dimbaza, Eastern Cape, South Africa

Grades: 8-12

Student Body: 1215 total (568 male day students, 647 female day students)

School Website:

Partnership: Since 2010

Xolani Senior Secondary School

Founded: 1989

Location: Zwelitsha, Eastern Cape, South Africa

Grades: 8-12

Student Body: 592 total (296 male day students, 296 female day students)

School Website:

Partnership: Since 2010

Good Shepherd Primary School

Founded: 1844 (South Africa’s oldest primary school)

Location: Grahamstown, Eastern Cape, South Africa

Grades: 1-7

Student Body: 302 total (148 male day students, 154 female day students)

School Website:

Partnership: Since 2013

Toise High School


Location: KwaNoncampa, Eastern Cape, South Africa

Grades: 8-12

Student Body: 657 total (237 male day students, 420 female day students)

School Website:

Partnership: Since 2011

Hendrik Kanise Combined School

Founded: 2013

Location: Alicedale, Eastern Cape, South Africa

Grades: R-12

Student Body: 440 total

School Website:

Partnership: Since 2016

Meet the Learners

Sifunda Kunye supports over 4000 learners in grades 1-12 across our six partner schools. In addition, through the reach of our Literacy Project, we regularly impact hundreds more in the communities that we serve.

Each child is unique in their interests, talents, and passions. We love getting to know all of the individual learners and we would love to introduce some of them to you!

Hi, my name is Liselihle Majola! I am 14 years old and I just finished Grade 8 at St. Matthew’s High School. I am proud to have been named the 2015 Best Learner out of the entire school. I live in Keiskammahoek and I enjoy studying mathematics, natural sciences, and social studies in school. I want to continue studying the sciences because I would like to be an astronomer one day. I like to read and to sing. My favorite thing about the Sifunda Kunye computer labs is using the labs to practice maths and English. They help me learn things through research in exciting new ways. Sifunda Kunye projects have “inspired me to join CAMI clubs which helped me to get the results I’ve obtained in my studies and becoming the 2015/2016 best learner.

My name is Sibonise. I am 18 years old and just completed Grade 12 at St. Matthew’s High School. I am from Keiskammahoek originally and I enjoy studying physics, geography, and English in school. I am an extremely hard worker and it is my goal to one day be the President of South Africa. Outside of school I love to read and to play chess. My thing about the Sifunda Kunye computer labs is that it helps me stay in touch with the outside world, which can be a challenge my rural village. Sifunda Kunye has helped me to be a true and genuine leader who serves the interest of other people at heart via the President’s Award and the Young Academics Club. I am looking forward to attending university next year; I have been accepted at Rhodes University and the University of Cape Town. I am happy I was a part of the President’s Award at St. Matthew’s because Tim from Sifunda Kunye’s partner, St. Andrew’s College, helped me with my applications and acceptances.

I am Zenande and I am 16 years old. I just completed Grade 10 at St. Matthew’s High School. I am from Keiskammahoek originally and I like physics, geography, and English. Eventually, I would like to attend medical school and become a doctor. I love reading and social networking. My favorite things about the Sifunda Kunye computer labs are doing research and practicing maths on CAMI. Sifunda Kunye has helped me a lot. Because of the Literacy Project reading clubs I’m now interested in novels and helping other students with the Young Academics Club.

Hello I am Khanya Lugongolo. I am 13 years old and am in grade 7 at Good Shepherd Primary School. I am from the village of Umtata. I like ot read, write stories, play netball, run, and watch sports competitions. I want to grow up to be a successful equity analyst. I want to work hard in school and get a good job so that I can afford a big house a nice car. I love using the Sifunda Kunye computer lab to work on all of my school projects. It is a great resource for all of my school work, not just the maths and English practice. I really enjoys using the CAMI software to help me practice my favorite subject and run lots of math problems.

Hi, I am Reece Marvin Daniels. I am 11 years old and I am in the 5th grade at Good Shepherd Primary School. I am from Grahamstown and my favorite school subject is English. I love almost all of my classes in school but I really like taking spelling tests, writing stories, and working on Afrikaans and English. I am also an artist and musician. I like to draw and play the piano. I want to grow up to be a doctor. I also want to be a part of a Marimba band when I get older. I plan to work very very hard to reach my goals. My favorite things about the computer labs are using the CAMI Maths and English programs for extra practice and searching the internet for new information. The Sifunda Kunye computer labs helped me improve my grades in all of my subjects.

Esam Klaas

My name is Esam Klaas, I am a learner at Good Shepherd Primary School. I am currently in Grade 5.

It is fun, exciting and enjoyable working in the Computer Centre at the school. It has definitely been a positive influence to every learner at the school.

The CAMI-programmes, especially Reader and Mathematics, assisted me greatly in class as it challenges me continuously.

My advice to learners is to work hard, see it as a fun way to learn about subjects and use it to start improve themselves.

Stelios Fantelos

I am Stelios Fantelas, a Grade 7 learners at Good Shepherd Primary School. Since the Computer Lab was established at the school, it has been a joy to be there.

The CAMI programmes has helped me a lot since I was exposed to it. It is challenging and makes you want to learn more. CAMI Reader has especially helped me with my understanding of English.

I am encouraging learners to do their best to get the best out of the programmes.

Alizwa Cakana

My name is Alizwa Cakana from Alicedale, a 19 year old student who is on the path on shaping her life. Growing up in a small town like Alicedale has made me realize the importance of empowering yourself as an individual in terms of education. Being a Sifunda Kunye facilitator in the reading club has taught me great patience, tolerance, and consistency. It has also helped me in making sure that I grasp and master the skills I had. The skill of public speaking, reading, and storytelling has helped me as a facilitator because I was dealing with children weekly. These skills have made my university life a bit bearable as they continue being stretched and practiced through me.

I had embarked on a journey of self-discovery and acquiring new skills to add to the ones I had. I am currently a student at Rhodes University and I am in my second year. The degree I chose is humanities, because I discovered that I enjoy working with people, though my school and initiatives of development presented through Sifunda Kunye educational project, I love learning and studying how human cognition and develop work against social cognition. I am majoring in Industrial Sociology, and Organizational Psychology which specifically provides knowledge on how to work with people (especially in future workplaces) and how to solve social problems amongst individuals.

Being one of the privileged learners of Hendrik Kanise Combined School, which made efforts for learners to be exposed to an advanced computer lab sponsored and fully supported by Sifunda Kunye Educational project has also played an important role in my life. The fact that teachers and learners had to work together to help each other, and explore the world around them technically has made my life easier. Basically, my student life is not complicated in terms of computer literature, due to the fact that most of the time students study online. I am able to do research thoroughly, and submit my academic work without any fear because I am computer-literate, thanks to the knowledge I got throughout my high school life.

My Varsity experience has been a bit challenging as I encountered problems with adapting to the academic environment, as well as the balance between my social life and my academic life. Social life is crucial creates bonds and relationships which can ease the load when the going gets tough. During this journey I was also taught mental well-being and awareness, also being open to learning and understanding the diversity in sexualities so as to respect each person’s rights and dignity.

I could have not been where I am today if it was not for the efforts and support from my family, teachers, Sifunda Kunye project and fellow learners at school.

They made me the individual that I am today.

John & Maureen Summers Memorial Scholarship Recipient 2014-2018

Read the 2022 interview with Phiko by Nicola Spingies

Phikolomzi (Phiko) Matikinca is the first recipient of the John and Maureen Summers Memorial Scholarship. He received a full scholarship to attend Rhodes University in Grahamstown where he has completed his Bachelor’s Degree in Geology and Environmental Science. He would like to go on to do post-graduate work and research in his field. Phiko, the third of six children in his family, was a top student at his high school in Umtata. After his mother passed away in 2010 he had to search for outside support to complete his high school education. After being admitted to Rhodes in 2013, he was desperate to find a way to fund his undergraduate degree. Phiko learned about the John and Maureen Summers Memorial Scholarship through an acquaintance and friend of Sifunda Kunye. With his excellent grades and tenacious personality, Sifunda Kunye was proud to award him the first scholarship. “Sifunda Kunye and Calabar Foundation were able to help me with all the necessary essentials such as paying my University fees, stationery, laptop, and a small stipend for living expenses to keep going through the year … I would like to thank everyone who is involved with the John and Maureen Summers Memorial Scholarship, Sifunda Kunye and Calabar Foundation for giving me an amazing opportunity to follow my dreams and achieve goals. I am eternally grateful and may God bless you all with good health and more years coupled with joy, love and peace.”

My story continues in 2018; since my Bachelor of Science (BSc) undergraduate and postgraduate BSc with Honours (BScHons) at Rhodes University, Grahamastown, South Africa. After graduating for my undergraduate degree in 2016, majoring in Environmental Science and Geology, I proceeded to pursue my postgraduate BSc Honours degree in 2017. I did my BSc Honours in Environmental Science with the Department of Environmental Science at Rhodes University. The Honours degree was made up of both, coursework and research components. At the end of 2017 when I finished my BSc Honours I graduated with Distinction and was awarded Full Academic Colours Certificate by Rhodes University. I still wanted to further my studies so I applied for a postgraduate Master of Science (MSc) degree majoring in Climate Change and Sustainable Development offered by the African Climate and Development Initiative (ACDI) at the University of Cape Town (UCT). As such, I am currently busy with my Masters. My interests predominantly lie in academic research so that is why I applied for a MSc degree after my Honours. However, I am also keen on working in the industry to gain experience and have bits of both worlds.

The hopes I have for this year is to do well in my studies while enjoying the beauty of this city (City of Cape Town). My sincere gratitude goes to the John and Maureen Summers Memorial Scholarship for taking care of my studies financially, the Sifunda Kunye and Calabar Foundation team for the love and support they have shown me over the years. I will forever be grateful for this opportunity. May God equally bless you all.

Meet Our Partners

In addition to our six partner schools, Sifunda Kunye supports a few specific programs and organizations that support our mission.

St. Andrew’s College: Founded in 1855, St. Andrew’s College is one of the top private schools for boys in South Africa. The St. Andrew’s IT team as well as several other staff members have been integral partners with Sifunda Kunye since we began our programs in 2008. Not only does the SAC IT team provide the IT support for all of the current Sifunda Kunye partner schools, but SAC staff also assist with our efforts in the President’s Award, drama club, team management and community outreach.

Diocesan Girls School: As part of our partnership with St. Andrew’s College we support an annual scholarship for one student at the Diocesan School for Girls, St. Andrew’s sister school, in Grahamstown.

Ilitha Lemfundo Educational Enhancement Center: Established in 2007 by Rev. Dr. Simon Gqubule, the ILEEC is a charitable organization that is focused on improving the grade 12 pass rate of disadvantaged schools in the greater Uitenhage area. ILEEC offers weekend classes at Sisonke Secondary School in almost all of the matric subjects. The programs, open to any learner who needs them, are making a huge impact on the lives and pass rates of grade 12 learners.

Optimi: Since the opening of our first lab in 2008 Sifunda Kunye Educational Project supports learners with providing Cami lessons that form part of the schools timetable. Cami provides out of the classroom experience that assists learners with curriculum-based activities in English Maths, Perceptual and Cami English. Sifunda Kunye is proudly sponsored by Optimi that provides our schools with Cami Software at a great discount. CAMI Educational Software

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